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Witnesses of the Family
The spouses Galindo and Nkosi, auditors at the Synod, spoke in recent days at the General Congregations

The spouses Galindo and Nkosi, from Mexico and South Africa, couples who are auditors, gave their testimonies to the Synod at the first General Congregation, on Monday, October 5th, and at the third General Congregation on Tuesday, October 6th.
Gertrudiz Clara Rubio De Galindo and Andrés Salvador Galindo López are the executive secretaries of the Commission for the Family and secretaries of the Latin American Episcopal Council for the area of Mexico-Central America. "During our service to the Church, both in Mexico and Central America, — said the couple — we have observed in various courses, congresses and meetings that the major problems affecting families are caused by social, cultural, political, educational, economic and religious issues, and that marriage and the family are weakened and fragile; but their power needs to be saved through training and teaching about their identity and mission."
Patronella Buyisile Nkosi and Meshack Jabulani Nkosi, members of the Advisory Committee for the Family of the Southern African Bishops‘ Conference, explained: "Over the last 33 years we have accompanied many young people, with whom we have shared our experience of life, the Word of God and the teachings of the Church, giving them the ability to make choices for their lives. We transmit the Good News of God‘s love for us through His Son Jesus Christ and in our lives; every day we try to become good news for others, for young couples and for the world. This is done by letting the Word of God, Christ himself, be our compass."
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