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Life Absorbed by Technology
The philosopher Fabrice Hadjadj speaks in an interview about the rapport between life and knowledge, which tends evermore dangerously towards the second of these two terms and, today, has evolved into technology

"The philosophers and the Church have never had to justify the fact that you die or the fact that you come from a man and a woman; those things were obvious. Today, anyone who wants to legitimize suffering, old age, or death is considered cruel. Now, since the Church continues to do this, it is considered a place of cruelty and not of compassion. Compassion is on the side of technology: a baby, genetically selected through biotechnology, will be healthier and better integrated into society; a child that is born in spite of a handicap, as required by the Church, will suffer. We Christians are the cruellest of all, because we want people to continue suffering and to die."
This is the penetrating analysis, high in original visuality, once again confirmed by Fabrice Hadjadj, this time in an interview with the newspaper "Tempi." According to the French philosopher—whose new work What Is a Family? (published by Ares) recently appeared in the bookstores—in our age, it is increasingly obvious that there is a clash between two approaches to reality: the factual approach and the theoretical one, the genealogical approach and the logical one. According to Hadjadj, this antithesis dates back to the Garden of Eden, where the tree of life and the tree of good and evil are opposed to one another. The snake‘s aim was in fact precisely to turn attention away from existence and towards knowledge, by a disproportionate weight to the latter, to the point of relativizing life itself. "The most recent manifestation of the absorption of the genealogical into the logical—asserts the philosopher—is the domain of technology. Technology is the ultimate way to get rid of the genealogical, because we will soon be able to produce human beings: we will manufacture children and cyborgs."

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