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Virtues and Ethics of life
A workshop on March 4th at the Pontifical Academy for Life

"Virtues in Ethics of Life" is the theme of the workshop organized by the Pontifical Academy for Life, which will be held on March 4th, in the New Synod Hall, on the occasion of the 22nd Plenary Assembly of the Members of the Pontifical Academy for Life.
The work of the first session, entitled "The dynamics and completion of the moral act in the virtues" (moderated by Msgr. Fernando Chomali and Prof. Mónica López Barahona), will be opened by Alfredo Cruz Prados, University of Navarra (Spain), with a lecture on "Knowledge and the experience of the good: analogy, differences and the synergy between speculative and practical reason." This session will then continue with lectures by Angel Rodgriguez Luno, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, on "The intentionality of the human act: good and evil from a moral perspective;" Antonio Da Re, University of Padua, on "Virtue ethics and moral life;" and Luciano Sandrin, Camillianum (Rome), on "Mercy and compassion."
During the second session, entitled "Biomedical ethics from a virtues perspective" (moderated by John Haas [USA] and Mounir Farag [Egypt]), Jeffrey Bishop, Saint Louis University (USA), will give a lecture on "Medical decision-making and the problems of ‘Proceduralist bioethics‘;" Maureen Condic, University of Utah (USA), will speak on "Virtues beyond the utilitarian approach in biomedical research" and Reiko Joh, of the Association of Catholic Nurses of Japan (Japan), will discuss "Ethical virtues in the nursing profession."
During the third session: "The rediscovery of the virtues" (moderated by Adriano Pessina and Laura Palazzani [Italy]), the speakers will be Roberto Dell‘Oro, Loyola Marymount University (USA), on "Professionalism and virtues;" Gabriella Gambino, University of Tor Vergata, on "Care and justice;" Antonio Amado Fernandez, University de Los Andes (Chile), on "Educating in virtue within the biomedical discipline." "The virtuous institution in service to life" will be discussed by Mounir Farag, of the St. Joseph Institute for the Family pro Vita and Bioethics/OMS (Egypt); Andrew Pinsent, Oxford University (UK) will speak on "Current research trends in virtue ethics;" Adam Rybicki, Catholic University of Lublin (Poland), will speak about "The defense of life between parresia, mercy and forgiveness;" and Eberhard Schockenhoff, University of Freiburg (Germany), will give a lecture on "The Christian perspective on the virtues."
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