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The True Good of the Children
The President of the Republic of Portugal prohibits adoption by gay couples

On November 20th, the Portuguese Parliament approved the adoption of children by homosexual couples, with the support of a parliamentary majority composed of the right-wing and twenty deputies of the left-wing. President Cavaco Silva has announced to the Assembly of the Republic that it is not considered appropriate to remove the restrictions on adoptions by homosexuals contained in the current law, "as it remains to be demonstrated that the newly approved regulatory measures indeed promote the welfare of children and are guided by their interests." Cavaco Silva also hopes that any such measures will be preceded, if need be, by a large and enlightening public debate. In the same message, the President also stated his opposition to the abolition of law 136/2015, which provides for "facilitating information to pregnant women" on important issues such as social support and the value of life, motherhood and fatherhood. In this case, the Portuguese Head of State likewise stressed the importance of ensuring to a pregnant woman "sufficient information necessary for making a conscious, free and responsible decision."
On Sunday, January 24th, the new President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, of the center-right party, was elected. It will soon be clear if the new Head of State intends to uphold the positions of his predecessor on these issues, which are of great importance for the life of the country.

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