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The Nuptial Mystery and Gender
A volume by Father Meroni for reflection on the role of the sexual difference

"Il mistero nuziale e le sfide del gender" (The nuptial mystery and challenges of gender) is the title of a book authored by Father Fabrizio Meroni of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions. The volume contains a critical analysis for a proper understanding of the sexual difference and for reflection on gender. The proposal of gender feminism, since the 1990s to today, is analyzed through the study of two North American feminist thinkers: Joan Wallach Scott and Judith Butler. Precisely the crucial challenges of gender motivate an in-depth exploration of spousal anthropology, that highlights how the Christian mystery makes the difference between man and woman into the epiphanic place of love in its essential fertility. The nuptial mystery seeks to articulate the theological understanding about our being man and woman within the mystery of the Triune God, whose revelation makes our bodies with their sexual difference the criteria and the essential places of His historical manifestation and salvific efficiency.

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