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A Rosary for Life

"A Rosary for Life" is back. "We have entered the month of the defense of life—explains Olga Muñoz, President FAMPAZ (Families of the world united for peace) and member of the organizing team of "A Rosary for Life"—, which reaches its highpoint on March 25th, with the ‘Day of the unborn child‘. As in recent years, we are proposing the initiative ‘A Rosary for life‘, which will take place on April 4th, at 6:00 pm, with a ceremony presided in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires by the Cardinal Archbishop Mario Aurelio Poli."
The initiative "A Rosary for Life", begun in 2004, organizes a time of prayer with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, with the intention of placing all human life under the protection of the Blessed Virgin. Before the beginning of the Mass, the patron saint of Argentina, the Virgin of Lujan, will enter, accompanied by the voice of the internationally renowned soprano Haydée Dabusti, who will sing the Ave Maria.
As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis accompanied the initiative of "A Rosary for Life," organized by a group of women who began to pray for the life of the unborn child, before the abortion bill reached the legislative chamber. Since 2011, the current Cardinal, who has followed the group‘s proposals with interest, presides over the celebration of the Mass in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. The Virgin de Lujan was chosen, says Muñoz, "as an example of how life is cared for by her, who nursed the baby Jesus and then saw him nailed to a cross, standing with strength and generosity." At the end of the Rosary, in which different groups will participate, the pregnant women will receive a blessing.

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