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From Spain a book to deepen and transmit "The Vocation of Grandparents"

"The Vocation of Grandparents" is the title of a book recently published by Editorial Ccs that focuses on the great wealth that older people can offer their grandchildren, as the fruit of a deep love and a long experience of faith. This book, which contains many references to the Church‘s teaching about grandparents and, in particular, to Pope Benedict XVI‘s contributions in this regard, was written to be an aid for grandparents who—in groups or individually— wish to share their own experience as a gift. The collaborative work of Robert Kimball and Mary Carmen Zurbano, European presidents of the Christian Family Movement, "The Vocation of the Grandparents" is based on the assumption that the elderly represent a great heritage from both the human and social viewpoints, as well as from a religious and spiritual point of view. While marriages are failing and parents too often devote little time to transmitting values to their children, the Church looks toward those who are the source of humanity and faith for the grandchildren.

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