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Renting the uterus
In Portugal, Catholic jurists say: "The practice is contrary to human dignity"

Surrogacy is "inherently contrary to human dignity." With these words, the Association of Portuguese Catholic Jurists welcomed the veto of the Head of State against the law concerning the practice. According to the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who has decided to stop the decree of Parliament on surrogacy, the latter still "must have the opportunity to reflect" on the issue.
"The ban on surrogate motherhood is an imperative for the protection of human dignity," writes the Association, observing that fundamental "ethical issues were not discussed," in the Parliamentary decree, and that they "should be considered" since this is "an essential debate not only for the Parliament, but also for the public opinion." According to Catholic jurists "surrogacy always represents the commodification of children and pregnant women, who are reduced to mere contractual objects, so much that there is often talk about renting a uterus." The association therefore recalled that "such a very delicate and critical issue as the liberalization uterus leasing should not be decided without listening to the voters."

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