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Conjugal Love and Responsible Parenthood
A documentary series for the promotion of natural methods of fertility regulation

"Conjugal Love and Responsible Parenthood" is the title of the series of ten documentaries presents last weekend in Guadarrama, at a course organized by the Spanish Bishops‘ Conference that brought together experts and pastoral workers from all the dioceses.

"This series is an invaluable tool for promoting the teaching of natural methods of fertility regulation, which is still little known but necessary in our time marked by a family crisis.," said Micaela Menarguez, professor at the Catholic University of Murcia, with reference to the audiovisual project realized by 70 experts from 30 countries.

Gynecologists, anthropologists, and other specialists involved in the series say that the natural methods are the solution to many problems, because they do not physical or mental health, and are ecological, free and efficient. They are, moreover, ethical and promote communication and understanding between spouses, family unity, the dignity of women and the children’s welfare.

In response to the alleged ineffectiveness of the natural methods, specialists showed that their efficiency reaches 99 %, and is thus equal or even superior to that of hormonal contraceptives, but without any of its disadvantages. Furthermore, it is significant that the divorce rate among the users of the natural methods barely reaches 3 %, while that of couples using other methods is 50 %.

The series, which has received the patronage of the Pontifical Council for the Family, is available on DVD and can be downloaded on line in English and Spanish.

For info: www.amorypaternidad.com

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