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Mexico: The Family Defends Itself in the Streets
More than one million people marched in 75 cities throughout the country to support the traditional family

Last Saturday, hundreds of thousands of citizens went into the streets in several of Mexico‘s cities to demonstrate in favor of the family and against the legalization of homosexual unions.
The demonstrations in many cities of the 31 States anticipated the Great National March, which will take place on September 24th, in Mexico City. At present, 75 cities have recorded the participation of 1 million 20 thousand people.
"It is important that laypeople publicly express to lawmakers what they think about marriage," said Msgr. Felipe Arizmendi, Bishop of the diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas, adding: "This is real democracy. Legislators and authorities cannot fail to hear the cry of the people who elected them."
The event organized by people of different faiths was attended by some bishops. At all these marches an official statement was read: "The family is the fundamental cell of society and must, therefore, be protected. Marriage between a man and a woman has a specific character with clear goals: the transmission of life, the education of children, and the unity of the spouses."
Parents—the "manifesto" of the marches also said—"have the right to educate their children in the beliefs and principles that they consider best for their personal development, without the State taking their place in this task" nor imposing in any way dangerous ideologies such as gender.
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