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Paolo Veronese (1528-1588)
Wedding at Cana (oil on canvas, 1562-1563) Paris, Louvre © 2011. Foto Scala, Florence

A splendid feast celebrated in the open space of a very noble city with the lively participation of a great crowd. In the proscenium the large banquet table is placed on three sides with the bride and groom to the left, and Jesus Christ and Mary in the center. In front, close-up, the group of musicians stands out, the table master who looks at the new wine, and the servant who pours the water changed into wine. On the farthest sides two marble staircases lead to the upper, railed space filled with curious observers like the highest loggias above the classic architecture. Daylight coming from the right lights up the candor of the clouds, the columns and the buildings and makes the precious, intense colors of the clothing shine. The pictorial language is a delight for our eyes. The theme is a feast of the family and society in the Lord’s presence.

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