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... In love ... you too!

The engaged couples in St. Peter’s Square with Pope Francis to confirm the choice of saying “Yes” forever. Claudio and Marina: “The mutual choice out of love. That’s how the race to the altar began.”
In St. Peter’s Square, on February 14th, in the midst of thirty thousand engaged couples who were meeting with Pope Francis, the heart-shaped balloons were indeed striking, but some banners were even more so: “Pope Francis… we love you too”; “Pope Francis, the families of Ischia love you”. Some gestures have not gone unnoticed: the Pope catching a red rose tossed to him; the little satin pillows given to the engaged couples for carrying their wedding rings on the day of their marriage; and of some pearls—among many—in the words of Pope Francis, who paraphrased the Lord’s Prayer: “Lord, give us this day our daily love.” The Christians were born from the words in the first letter of St. John: “We have believed in love;” today, engaged couples go through the same experience: they believe in love and want to say ‘Yes’ forever.

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