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A Letter to Grandparents
The Bishop of Toluca, Msgr. Chavolla Ramos, writes to the elderly: "Let no house be without your word"

He explains that "the task of educating children never ends" and he encourages them to persevere with generosity, recalling the words of Pope Francis: "the elderly pass on history, doctrine, faith and they leave them to us as an inheritance." Msgr. Francisco Chavolla Ramos, Bishop of Toluca (Mexico) and President of the Commission of Pastoral Care of the family of the Mexican Bishops’ Conference, wrote this in a letter addressed to grandparents.
"You have raised children in times of deep change—he continues—but this task is never finished. At first, the lessons are very practical: eating, walking, dressing, washing oneself. Then the challenge is deeper, because we have to help them cope with life, which is a stream of opportunities, along with limitations, joys and hardships." The bishop invites them "not to let any Mexican home be without the wise, compassionate and prudent word of the grandparents," which urges the family to "stay involved in parishes, chapels and church communities."

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