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A click to send greetings your grandparents
Images and greetings from grandchildren to grandparents throughout the world on the PCF social platforms

The meeting entitled “The Blessing of a Long Life” will take place on Sunday 28 September at 9.00 am in St. Peter’s Square and will welcome the elderly, grandparents, and grandchildren for a moment of celebration and prayer with Pope Francis.
From today onward until the 28th grandchildren can send their grandparents greetings, along with a photo, by posting directly to the facebook page of the Pontifical Council for the Family; on twitter by referencing the profile to the corresponding Language (pcfamilia_en, pcfamilia_es, pcfamilia_fr, pcfamilia_it), ), or also by sending an email to events@family.va.
The images and greetings will be displayed during the meeting in St. Peter’s square with Pope Francis.

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