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Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez at the Congress "Catholics and Public Life": "A renewed and intensified effort is necessary"

"The family is central to marriage, children, humanity and the Church. The importance of the family, one of the most valuable assets of the human race, and the responsibility of the Church require an in-depth and thorough reflection in view of appropriate pastoral responses. The challenges that marriage and the family are facing require a renewed and intensified effort." These were the words of Msgr. Ricardo Blazquez, President of Spain’s Episcopal Conference and Archbishop of Valladolid, at the conclusion of the Congress "Catholics and Public Life" on the topic "The Family Always: Challenges and Hopes", which was promoted in recent days, in Madrid, by the Association of Catholic Propagandists and the University Foundation San Paolo Ceu. "The theme of the Congress—he said—is not merely a repetition of Pope Benedict XVI‘s doctrine, but also an opportunity to reflect on issues affecting the family." During these three days, the participants analyzed the current problems of the family from social, cultural, political, economic and religious viewpoints, providing space for meeting and reflection that highlight the commitment of Catholics to illuminate every aspect of personal and social life with the light of the Gospel. "In this context, the Synod on the Family was providential," noted Msgr. Blazquez, expressing his appreciation for the vocation to marriage and the family according to Christian doctrine, since a huge effort is being made to de-institutionalize marriage.
Read the entire intervention at: www.conferenciaepiscopal.es

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