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Be happy
Third Sunday of Advent

In seeking to find images to illustrate the joy in the lord, that he calls the people to experience, Isaiah uses that of a bridegroom wearing his wreath and a bride adorned in her jewels. These images are relatable to everyone. People will usually stop if they see a wedding party, perhaps hoping that some of the excitement and joy of the celebration will spill over into their lives. Saint Paul urges the people of Thessalonica to be happy at all times because that is what God expects. Do not suppress or hold back; allow the lord to guide the spirit working within you, especially welcome the God of peace for peace is what we all long for. This peace will make us perfect and holy and safe, and then holding on to these gifts, be happy.
(Meditation by Two in One Flesh - Christian pro-marriage team - website: http://www.twoinoneflesh.org.uk/)

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