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Marriage: A Vocation for Two
An Interview with Mr. and Mrs. D‘Alessandro, creators of a course for engaged couples: "He and She: Walk Together"

"Helping young people in their ‘discernment to understand if they feel called to live the marital vocation with the seal of ‘Yes forever‘ in the sacrament of marriage.‘" For Franco and Lidia D‘Alessandro, this is the main aim of "Lui e Lei: Camminarti Accanto" (He and She: Walk Together), the course they have created to help engaged couples to become fully and responsibly aware of their mutual love.
Mr. and Mrs. D‘Alessandro told us about the course in an interview, a lively testimony, in which it is possible to appreciate many truly interesting aspects that are often taken for granted, concerning the difficulties experienced by today’s young people when it comes to binding themselves in a mature, true relationship with persons of the opposite sex whom they claim to love. "The meetings with many engaged couples—say the two promoters of the experience—have made it clear that the hardest conditions to accept are the ‘forever‘ and having to abandon one’s ‘I‘ in order to move from individualism to we through sharing and reciprocity. Many do not know what love is: they confuse infatuation and passion with self-giving love, and sexuality with genitality. Individualism and selfishness—continued the D‘Alessandro couple—leave no room for the other person, and so impede contributing to the construction of the couple; people hang on to their fantasies without leaving a chance for reflection and bringing their creativity into the couple; it has also become obvious that there is no common project of development nor the desire to walk together."

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