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At the Well of Sychar
A path proposed to the separated and the divorced, conceived and promoted by the Archdiocese of Palermo, for revisiting their own suffering in the light of the Lord and sharing it with the church community.

A place for meeting in faith, dedicated to people in the situations of separation, divorce and new unions, is offered to inhabitants of the Sicilian capital in the Archdiocese of Palermo, under the significant title "Pozzo di Sicar" (Well of Sychar), where the Lord manifested his love to the Woman of Samaria.
The monthly gatherings, organized by the diocesan Office of Family Ministry, are held in four different locations, so that this presence in the city may be as wide as possible. "In particular—say Lia e Giuseppe Re, the directors of the Office—this is a path for reflection on the Word of God and prayer; for facing the pain of separation and boldly asserting that the family exists even after separation, because separation is never considered a cause of the distance from the Church; for responsibly living the parental role, with special care for the children who are experiencing the disorientation and discontinuity of the affective relationship." A second objective, no less important, of the "Well of Sychar," is to raise awareness and form the entire church community, and especially the priests, to receive separated and divorced couples unbiasedly.

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