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An Appeal for Peace
In a short video produced by the PCF, Iraqi Grandparents, who participated in "The Blessing of the Long Life" on September 28th, ask that all peoples of the earth work to put an end to the war

A prayer that peace may come to the world and protect all families from violence and injustice, especially those living in war-torn regions. This was expressed, in a short video edited by the Pontifical Council for the Family, by Mubarak and Aneesa Hano, the two Iraqi grandparents, who on September 28th, during the day dedicated to grandparents and the elderly, transmitted to Pope Francis the message of suffering and hope on behalf of all the persecuted Christians.
The video, entitled "The Bells of Alqosh – An Appeal for Peace," ends simply with the sound of the bells of the Iraqi town north of Mosul, that began to ring again thanks to the determination and the courage of local Christians after a short period of silence imposed by ISIS.
"We Christians pray for peace—said the elderly couple—, because our Lord Jesus Christ taught us that we must be bearers of Peace. We also pray for all the people who work for peace in the world, and we ask all people of good will in the world to labor for peace and help one another."
The Bells of Alqosh (ITA)
The Bells of Alqosh (ENG)
The Bells of Alqosh (ESP)

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