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A Ministry for the Family
The proposal made by the Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Cipriani Thorne: "To Facilitate Encounter" with ad hoc welfare

A ministry of the family to protect human relationships between parents and children, promote civic education and combat unhealthy individualism, was proposed by the Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne. "The current social order—said the cardinal in the explanation quoted by L‘Osservatore Romano—sees the husband coming home exhausted in the evening and going out early in the morning. And his wife as well. We must do something to facilitate encounter in the family. We have to ensure that, in 2015, the family takes a step forward."
The Cardinal suggests offering large families the possibility to deduct taxes. In addition, he has drawn attention to the protection of the family. "We have to see how to help and protect the arrival of new life in the family, of the helpless unborn children. It would be possible to create a ministry, because this concerns men, women, children and adolescents. Whenever there is an attack against the family, this office of the State could say that the family is being mistreated, and its rights and duties being restricted." A thought, finally, dedicated to individualism: this "illness," said the cardinal, "is in opposition to the happiness, peace and prosperity towards which we all strive. No well-being is found on an island. This individualism—he concluded—has caused great damage in politics, economics, in the government and among the people."

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