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A Ministry of Hope   versione testuale
Stella and Victor Dominguez of the Schoenstatt Movement: "A space for separated and remarried faithful in the Church"

A "ministry of hope" for the separated and remarried faithful who "say they feel rejected, because they have rejected themselves. When they are accepted, they heal, forgive and feel forgiven by God." This statement was made in an interview with Zenit by Victor and Stella Dominguez of the Schoenstatt Movement of Paraguay, who attended the recent International Conference of family and life movements, groups and associations in Rome.
The project, they explain, is intended to be "a space that the Church reserves for separated and remarried faithful, where they can feel welcome and that helps them to experience God's merciful love, a place in which to grow in spirituality and in faith, to grow as a family, with the feeling that the Church does not abandon them. The discussions touch on issues concerning the faith, the education of children ... all the challenges that a family faces."
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