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Dioceses on the Way   versione testuale
From Raleigh, USA, a document to strengthen family ministry in view of Philadelphia

A retreat for couples, proposed by the Diocese of Raleigh, USA, under the title "The Challenges of Family Ministry" took place from Friday, May 29th, to Sunday, the 31st. This retreat turned the attention of its participants to the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops and the Philadelphia World Meeting of Families, where the community will go in six buses. One of the objectives, the promoters explain, was to "deepen reflection on the working document 'Relatio Synodi' to implement initiatives in parish family ministry."
The final document contains some pastoral proposals, suggested by 13 couples who took part in the retreat, for families and parishes: marriage preparation courses, post-marriage courses, sex education programs for parents, as well as training for parents on how to strengthen the parish family and fully be a domestic church.
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