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The Choice of the Family   versione testuale
The book-length interview with Bishop Laffitte, Secretary of the PCF, has been published in the USA. The network promoting it is making it known and appreciated

The weight on the web in preparation for the great welcome received in the United States by the English translation of the book-length interview The Choice of the Family: A Call to Wholeness, Abundant Life and Enduring Happiness, with Bishop Jean Laffitte, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family, was certainly not small.
The book's release, on September 1st, was in fact followed and taken up by several American websites and blogs. First of all, last week, its US publisher, Image Books, launched the idea of a blog tour: a post each day, giving a preview of the book's most interesting chapters. However, the web has also offered some good reviews of the work, for example the one that has appeared in the National Catholic Register, or like the one proposed by the blog Catholic Bibles.
"The Choice of the Family" contains a series of interviews with Bishop Laffitte, edited by Pierre and Veronique Sanchez, in which biographical episodes serve as starting points of intertwining theological reflections and practical advice for the families of our time. Observations ranging from the issue of cohabitation to that of remarried divorcees, including civil unions, sexually transmitted diseases, the daily struggles within the family, the condition of the elderly, motherhood and the family-work relationship. In 192 pages, Bishop Laffitte tells about his own family—his life with his parents and siblings—in order to bear witness in today's world to the beauty of the original fundamental cell, in which each man learns to live the relationship of love with others. This book can be a good travel companion during 2015 Philadelphia and the October Synod.
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