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The Golden Knot   versione testuale
Pope Francis last catechesis on the family, which "makes the world a home"

Today at the General Audience, on the eve of two major events—the World Meeting in Philadelphia and the Synod of Bishops—Pope Francis concluded his series of Catecheses on the theme of marriage and the family.
"A new covenant between man and woman is becoming not only necessary but also strategic for the emancipation of the peoples from the colonization of money. This covenant must once again determine the orientation of politics, of the economy and of civil coexistence" he said; moreover, "this conjugal, familial community of man and woman is the generative grammar, the 'golden knot,' we could say." Hence, the family is "the foundation of this world culture, which saves us from so many attacks, so much destruction, from so many kinds of colonization, such as that of money or of the ideologies that are such a great threat for the world. The family is the base for self-defense." After referring to the Biblical parable of creation, Francis focused on the role of women, "God's caress on our wounds, our mistakes, our sins. But God loves us as we are and wants to carry us forward with this project, and woman is the strongest one in making this project advance."
"The promise that God gives to man and woman, at history's beginning, includes all human beings, to the very end of history. If we have enough faith, the families of the world's peoples—said Francis—will recognize themselves in this blessing." Finally, he invited all to walk "together under this blessing, and to become brothers and sisters in life under God's aim, in a world that progresses and that is born precisely from the family, from the union of man and woman."
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