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Young People Tell about the Family   versione testuale
A book written by university students gives a detailed analysis of the family with its problems, reaching surprising conclusions

The family considered, studied and explained by young people is the original idea behind the forthcoming book "Nati per amare. I giovani raccontano la famiglia" (Born to love. Young people tell about the family), published by the Lateran University Press.
The authors are in fact students of the Pontifical Lateran University, who realized the project in constant and fruitful intertwining with the experience of the teachers. The volume summarizes the work accomplished in the project "Synod 2015," sponsored by the Campus Pastoral Ministry under the guidance of Fr. Mirko Integlia.
The study of the family by young university students, which lasted several months, did not leave anything to chance. The most sensitive issues related to the world of the family are analyzed: from the so-called "family crisis" to "different families," with in-depth investigation on issues such as the gender theory and same-sex "marriage." Among other things, they analyzed the concepts of love, relationship, the "therapeutic culture," chastity, and the connection between loneliness and the social networks. Finally, the book comes to surprising results. For these young people the family crisis is the crisis of man "and only in man himself, born to love, can the solution be found." Concluding, the authors note that the natural family is therefore the cornerstone of our society, and the meeting place of true love between a man and a woman.
"The family is truly the heart of the world. And this is so, because it is in a family that we are born—writes the Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University, Msgr. Enrico dal Covolo in the introduction to the volume—. We wanted to give priority to the students themselves in this initiative, since they are the people who really inhabit our University. We wanted to listen attentively to the people, these 'young people,' confident that even when the Gospel is borne on the shoulders of a young person we can understand it and learn to live it better every day."
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