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Mary, the Stronghold   versione testuale
In an interview with Zenit, Andreana Bassanetti, founder of "Figli in cielo," speaks about death in the family and the path from darkness to light faced by parents who have lost a child

Zenit has recently published an interview with Andreana Bassanetti, founder of "Figli in cielo" (Children in heaven) in which the situation of pain and hope lived by families who lost their children has been discussed in depth.
"The bereaved person may need to be heard or to hear words of comfort—said Bassanetti—. In all cases, accompanying them in the best way possible—she continued—is the experience that makes the difference: if a family has lived the same tragedy, it is enough for them to hear 'me too' and get a tight hug to your chest that transmits closeness, affection, and understanding. 'Con-sole' means precisely being with those who are or feel alone. So, even if someone gets confused, lost, rebels against God, who is considered responsible for not having spared his own son from death, Mary, the Mother who has experienced the loss of her Son, remains a stronghold for everyone, both believers and non-believers."
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