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A Contagious Beauty   versione testuale
Gigi De Palo is the new president of the Forum of Family Associations: "Representing the families of good will"

"It will be an attacking forum. We'll try give answers to all those who, in Italy, live with their families. We want to be practical because, for too long, we have hidden behind issues of identity and ideology that have made us lose ground. However, the family is able to bring together all people of good will." These are the words of Gigi De Palo, the husband of Anna Chiara, the father of John, Therese, Madeleine and Gabriel, the former president of the ACLI of Rome and the new president of the Forum of Family Associations. De Palo, who was a family and school technical councilor of the City of Rome and president of the Forum of the families of Lazio, succeeds Francesco Belletti, who has completed two terms, under the Statutes, at the helm of an organization that unites 47 national associations and 20 regional Forums representing the reality of 4 million families.
"In Italy, the number of children born is on a constant decline, families have trouble making ends meet, women want two children but must stop at the average of 1.39, young people do not succeed in building families and are forced to go abroad. These— said the president—are political issues to which we will draw attention the of all local and national interlocutors. We care about Italy. Politics is not a sport but an opportunity to make things better." Starting from the desire to "represent all the families of good will who share the same problems," the intention is to "give voice to people who ask what we ask. There are 59 million Italians who live the same difficulties in their families. Silently and without declarations, we want to work with them, for the good of all. There is no need for political spots on the birthrate, but our young people need help in order to realize their dreams. Automatically, we will have more children, more families and more social cohesion." One of the objectives is " more equitable taxation, because it is not normal that someone who has a child today is in danger of falling into poverty in a country with zero population growth. Furthermore, we have to tell about the reality of our families, without sweetening it, because it will radiate a contagious beauty."
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