papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism 16. Wounds   versione testuale

When mom and dad argue and separate, something really bad happens. We feel wounded and crushed, as if a mountain had fallen on us (the Pope has used precisely this image). Often, we hide and cry alone, and all the presents they give us— almost as if they were asking pardon for the pain being caused to us or to win us over to one side or the other—don't help.
PIn the face of this terrible situation, which touches perhaps even you and certainly some of your friends, Pope Francis clearly said two things. He called on parents to think carefully about the consequences of their choices that fall primarily on you little ones. Then, he asked the whole Church, every parish and Christian family, to be particularly attentive and welcoming to those who live this great tragedy. We can count on many friends, who will not leave us alone.

In the family, everything is connected:
when her soul is wounded in some way, the infection spreads to everyone.
“The Church is called to be the house of the Father, with doors always wide open”
No closed doors! No closed doors!