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Family and Europe   versione testuale
FAFCE, tomorrow and Wednesday in Fatima, the Presidency Council will evaluate the progress on the issue of marriage in the EU

A meeting of the Presidential Council in Fatima, Portugal, organized by FAFCE (Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe), will begin tomorrow. "FAFCE's Presidential Council—explains the General Secretary Maria Hildingsson—will discuss different issues, including the developments concerning marriage and the family in the EU and the European Council. The opportunity will also be taken to evoke the Federation's strategy for 2015-2019."
The Council meets twice a year: in autumn, traditionally in Brussels, where the FAFCE has an office since 2009; and in spring in one of the Federation's member countries. "This is an opportunity for the delegates of the 19 associations that compose the Federation to meet and discuss—FAFCE explained to SIR—; they come from 15 different European countries, and have different perspectives, highly varied traditions of family and cultural policies, but they are united by the desire to put the teaching of the Church's Social Doctrine into practice in Europe today." With respect to the meeting, which will be hosted by the Fundação to Juncao do Bem and will end Wednesday, Hildingsson adds that "all members will have the opportunity to present their activities, share best practices, and be fully updated on the dossiers which the office of the FAFCE in Brussels is currently engaged. Finally, it will not fail to reflect on Pope Francis's Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia."
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