papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism. 20 Evangelization   versione testuale

Really, is someone who loves his parents more than Jesus not worthy of him? Pope Francis explained this phrase of the Gospel, which leaves us a bit puzzled, in this way: the love for the Lord is so great that it is even more important than the fundamental love for mom and dad; whoever loves Jesus becomes capable of loving his parents in an even more beautiful and greater way than he already does.
This immense love within a family that welcomes Jesus is a blessing for all people of the earth: the smiles and the sacrifices that you experience in the family explain reality better than many discourses, and if persons were to govern people like they love each other at home ... the world would change!
Families have the task of proclaiming, with their lives, God's love for humanity.

Wherever there is a loving family, that family with its witness of love is capable of warming the heart of an entire city.
Pray for me, let us pray for one another, that we become capable of recognizing and supporting the visits of God.
The Spirit will bring happy disarray to Christian families, and the city of man will rise from its depression.