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The Catechist of the Family   versione testuale

Pope Francis gave 33 catechesis on the family between 17 December 2014 and 18 November 2015, touching on a great variety of topics: Nazareth, mothers, fathers, children, siblings, grandparents, young children, prayer, male and female, marriage, the three keywords, education, engagement, the family and poverty / illness, mourning, wounded families, celebration, work, evangelization, community, people, family spirit, promises made to children, faithful love, forgiving debts, conviviality, and the welcoming. His style was unique, marked by simplicity, immediacy, and concreteness.
Professor Juan José Pérez-Soba, of the John Paul II Institute on Marriage and the Family, has just published a commentary on these catecheses on the family (Papa Francesco. Famiglia in camino, 318 pages, Cantagalli Edition, € 19.00). Ten themes are discussed in relation to the central axis "The Home: The path on which to follow the Master": A family catechesis; Nazareth, the truth of the gift of the home that needs to be received; The Home, a Communion of persons, the bonds that remain; The language of the origin; Following Christ, a life that is full and illuminates the world; The weakness of the family; The rhythm of family life, the times of love; The family, path of the new evangelization; The road of the Church and the family’s stride; The family, always on the move.
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