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Gender and Constitutionality   versione testuale
In Bolivia, an appeal to make law that allows sex change unconstitutional

Last week in Bolivia, an appeal to declare the Plurinational Constitutional Court's law on gender identity unconstitutional was presented by the "Platform for Life and the Family," an association composed of representatives from the Catholic Church, Evangelical Churches and other Christian communities. "We have nothing against the individual rights of each human being and respect the dignity of each person regardless of his sexual orientation," said the association’s spokesman, Eduardo Gutiérrez. However—he added—"the rights and obligations of a person stop where those of the other person start." Regarding Law 807, which allows people to choose a different sex than the one with which they were born and to receive a new identification, the association for life and the family asks the judges rule in accordance with the Constitution. "In particular—explained Gutierrez—when the sexual identity is altered or changed, material reality no longer exists. It is not because someone’s sex is changed on a piece of paper, that the person is actually perceived as being of a different sex."
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