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Demography   versione testuale
Less and Less Babies in Europe  18/02/2016 Less and Less Babies in Europe
In the rich countries, the birth rate is falling. Europe is the only continent where the population will decline between now and 2050.
World Family Map  19/01/2016 World Family Map
This project focused on change in families and child welfare is now in its third edition
The Essential Role of the Family  04/11/2015 The Essential Role of the Family
The Budapest Forum on Demography has begun
Demography and the Family in Europe  11/03/2014 Demography and the Family in Europe
A Book containing the reflections on the 40th Plenary Assembly of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences
Heroes of Our Time  01/06/2013 Heroes of Our Time
Msgr. Jean Laffitte comments the Day of Parents wanted by the UN

The Day of Parents, celebrated on June 1st, at the behest of the UN is a great opportunity for all of humanity, which is going through a real demographic winter, especially in the West...

Europe shouldn't be afraid  28/05/2012 Europe shouldn't be afraid
Intervista con il card. Péter Erdõ, presidente del Ccee

Experts define the phenomenon as "demographic winter". The situation of birth-rates in Europe is unprecedented: the fertility rate is amost everywhere under 2.0 per woman in fertile age. In those countries marked by high immigration rates figures are less worrying (Belgium, Luxembourg, Scotland, Spain…).

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