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The Reveille is Sounding for all the World’s Families   versione testuale
Online: The Spot of the Pilgrimage of Families

“FAMILY, EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF FAITH!” The title of the Pilgrimage led to the idea of a spot created especially for the Pilgrimage of Families for the Year of Faith, which will take place in Rome on October 26th and 27th. Thirty seconds to tell the world’s families about the preparations for the Pilgrimage that will be devoted to family and all of its members: grandparents, parents and children, the young and the elderly.
All are invited to take part in this time of celebration, sharing and prayer, in the presence of Pope Francis and all the families of the world.
The spot, in four languages, can be downloaded from the website in different formats; it is available to all organizations that wish to promote the pilgrimage during meetings, conferences and gatherings.

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