papa famiglie
The Secret of Pope Francis   versione testuale
Dear children,
Do you want to know a secret? Pope Francis loves families very much. When he sees a man and a woman who love each other his heart is filled with joy, and when he meets a mom and dad with their children his smile is so big that we can really see all his teeth.
Pope Francis loves the families who are in Africa and those with almond-shaped eyes, those in Rome where he lives and those of Buenos Aires where he was born, small and big ones, happy ones and also those where something is not working. He learned that from Jesus, who was really happy in his family.
Do you know how I discovered this secret? My name is Father Vincenzo and I work side by side with Pope Francis, helping him to serve and support families around the world, including yours.
This colorful web page is intended to help you discover who the Pope is, what he does, and what he says to us all, and especially to you and your friends.