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"But what is a family?"   versione testuale
Fabrice Hadjadj's new book is in the bookstores. In this volume, the author presents his particular provocations and paradoxes, at the service of society's fundamental cell

"What does the beginning of the Book of Genesis say? God created man in his own image. Male and female he created them (Genesis 1:27). In other words, the image of God is found in the difference between the sexes." Fabrice Hadjadj, one of the most brilliant essayists of our time, goes straight to the point in his latest work, "But what is a Family? Transcendence in the Underwear & Other Ultra-sexist Discourses."
The volume (184 pages, published by Ares), in the provocative and paradoxical style typical of the author, intends to highlight the true nature of the family, overwhelmed by definitions and misconceptions designed by the propaganda of the "marriage for all", the gender theory, and technology as a place of industrial production of the preselected and performant human being. In fact, for Fabrice Hadjadj, the family is above all "the place where the difference between the sexes and the difference of generations, as well as the difference between these two differences, are articulated;" founded on a desire stronger than those who experience this, even before a decision is taken, the family is consequently also "the place of the incalculable gift and reception of a life that unfolds with us but also in spite of us, and constantly pushes us ahead in the mystery of existence."
The French author, of Jewish origin—supporter of the family, of its implicit inherent anarchy, and of its being as a fundamental political core—, converted to Catholicism in 1998, in front of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the church of Saint-Severin, in the center of Paris. Among his works are "Earth the Way to Heaven," "Mystic of the Flesh. The Depth of the Sexes," "The Faith of the Demons, or Overcoming Atheism," "What is Truth (with Fabrice Midal)" and "Paradise at the Door."
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