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Family2012: The days of the Congress and interventions   versione testuale

(30th of may - 31st of may - 1st of june)

Wednesday 30th of may

Address by H. E. Cardinal Angelo SCOLA [Italian]
Address by H. E. Cardinal Ennio ANTONELLI [Italian]
Introduction by H. E. Card. Norberto RIVERA CARRERA [Italian]
I. The family: a work of creation and a celebration of salvation.
H. E. Card. Gianfranco RAVASI [Italian]
II. The family, work and celebration in today’s world.
Prof. Luigino BRUNI [Italian]
1, Part I. The family as a resource for society
Presentation of the sociological research
Pierpaolo DONATI [English]
Francesco BELLETTI [Italian]
Giovanna ROSSI [Italian]
Chaired by Mons. Carlos SIMON VAZQUEZ [Italian][Spanish]
2. Reconciling family, work and celebration: some good practices
Speech byNuria CHINCHILLA [English]
Testimony: Miriam FILELLA
Testimony: Enzo ROSSI [Italian]
Testimony: José Jacinto IGLESIAS SOARES [English]
Chaired by Marco TARQUINIO
3. Family and global communication: the need for a change
Speech by Josè Luis RESTAN [Spanish]
Presentation by Piercesare RIVOLTELLA
Presentation by Norberto GONZALES GAITANO [Italian]
Chaired by Fabio BOLZETTA.
4. Migration and family
Speech by H. E. Mgr. Gilbert GARCERA [English]
Speech by H. E. Mgr. Nicholas DIMARZIO [English]
Testimony by Mr. and Mrs. JUAREZ [Italian]
Testimony by Mr. and Mrs GOMEZ [English]
Chaired by don Giancarlo QUADRI
5. Work and celebration in economically advanced countries
Public debate with
H. E. Card. Philippe BARBARIN [French]
Ferruccio DE BORTOLI [Italian]
Chaired by H. E. Mgr. Franco Giulio BRAMBILLA [Italian]
6. A time for work and a time for celebration: Catholic schools and family
Speech by Sergio CICATELLI [Italian]
Testimony by Mr. and Mrs KIRINCIC [English]
Testimony by Mr. and Mrs BORGIA [Italian]
Testimony by P. José Antonio VEGA [Spanish] [Italian] [French]
Chaired by Jacopo DE VECCHI.
7. Helping our children discover the deeper meaning of work
Round table
Eugenia SCABINI [Italian]
Gerardo CASTILLO [Spanish]
Mr. and Mrs RENARD [French]
Chaired by p. Hugo SARTORIO [Italian]
8. Grandparents and the elderly: witnesses of faith and practical assistance for young families
Speech by Catherine WILEY [English]
Speech by Mr. and Mrs GILLINI [Italian]
Speech by Gabriella BIADER [Italian]
Speech by Hélène DURAND BALLIVET [French]
Chaired by Renata Maderna.

The other days
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