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Body Language and Sacrament   versione testuale
The III Colloquium of Sacramental Theology, entitled "Marriage, a Hinge of the Sacramental Economy," is scheduled for April 22nd, in Rome.

The sacramental nature of marriage attests that the Christian sacraments directly touch the flesh, the body of people, accompanying them on their path of life, in the service of the common good of all society. In the context of this consideration, the Pontifical John Paul II Institute has organized for April 22nd, in Rome, the III of Sacramental Theology Colloquium, titled "Marriage, a Hinge of the Sacramental Economy."
The meeting—which will start with the analysis of body language within marriage, the creatural basis to approach all the sacraments—will be divided into two sessions: "Creatural Experience of the Body and Sacramental Experience" in the morning, and "Matrimony in the Sacramental Economy" in the afternoon.
In the morning, it will be possible to listen to Professor Mario Cucca ("The Body as Loving Discourse, between Fascination and Unavailability. A Biblical Path starting from the Song of Songs"), Professor José Granados ("No Sexual Difference, No Symbolism: Nuptial Anthropology and Sacramental Theology"), and Professor Nicolás Álvarez de las Asturias ("Matrimony, 'A Worldly Reality': the Loss of Creatural Sacramentality in Luther, and the Catholic Response"). In the afternoon, the lecturers will be Professor David D'Avray ("Indissolubility at the Highest Level: Marriage, Society, Symbolism in the Middle Ages"), Professor Alexandra Diriart ("Matrimony in the Context of the Other Sacraments"), and Professor Michaël Devaux ("The Recovery of Marriage: a Sacramental Vision according to Tolkien").
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