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A "World War" to Destroy Marriage   versione testuale
Pope Francis: "There is ideological colonization. One great enemy is the gender theory "

Speaking before the religious and seminarians in Tbilisi's Cathedral of the Assumption, Pope Francis commented, after the testimony about gender theory given by a mother (Irina), on the "World War to destroy marriage," which "is not destroyed with weapons, but with ideas."
"Marriage is the most beautiful thing that God has created," said Francis, enumerating "difficulties, misunderstandings and temptations" that can be encountered during the couple's journey.
"But is it normal to have arguments in marriage? Yes, it is normal.—said Francis—It happens. Sometimes the dishes fly. But if love is real, then peace is made quickly. I offer this advice to spouses: argue as much as you want, but do not let the day end without making peace. Do you know why? Because 'the cold war' of the day after is extremely dangerous." He then recalled that they should remember the three "golden words" or conjugal life: "please, thank you, forgive me."
"Everything should be done to save a marriage," he said, pointing out that couples can be helped "by offering welcome, closeness, accompaniment, discernment, and integration into the body of the Church. In the Catholic community we should offer help to save marriages."
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