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One Million Kids   versione testuale
The initiative of Aid to the Church in Need for peace and unity in the family and the world

"To prove that prayer entrusted to children has great power, like an arrow that goes straight to God's heart. The prayer of the Rosary recited by children can, therefore, truly bring peace and unity in the family, in their own homes and the world." Starting from these premises, the initiative #Unmilionedibimbi, promoted by Aid to the Church in Need, invited all the world's children to pray the rosary for peace and unity today.
The idea was born in 2005, in a hermitage in Caracas, capital of Venezuela: while a group of children was praying the rosary, some women who were there lived a profound experience, feeling the presence of the Blessed Virgin. One of them then remembered a promise that came from Padre Pio's lips: "If millions of children pray the Rosary, the world will change."
This is why the Pontifical Foundation has called for the help of all "so that—as a statement in the press says—in schools and kindergartens, hospitals, orphanages, parishes, and wherever children are to be together, the young be prepared and encouraged to pray the Rosary, along with tens of thousands of other children." Aid to the Church in Need is working to spread the Rosary among the youngest and has composed a small text for them, entitled "We Kids Pray the Rosary," which since 2009 has been translated into eight languages, with 600,000 copies published and diffused throughout the world.
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