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A Cardinal “of the Family”   versione testuale
The Archbishop of Perugia, msgr. Gualtiero Bassetti, VicePresident of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, is among the new Cardinals: “To say with truth what the family is“

Msgr. Gualtiero Bassetti, he has always shown special attention to the poor, to the young and to the family. In pastoral plans, he has addressed the issues of life, the family, the rediscovery of baptism, the parish faced with its missionary side and as an educational community, and social justice. His pastoral letter of May 1st, 2004, entitled “In the Crisis: Hope Greater than Any Fear”, was a prelude to the recent economic and financial earthquake. Prior to Arezzo and then before Perugia, the Bishop wanted to respond with concrete actions to support families in need due to job loss, by promoting or relaunching charitable projects run by Caritas.

For msgr. Bassetti, who continues to live his pastoral mission with humility and simplicity, the biggest challenge that the Church faces today is that of the family. In an interview these days, he stated: «If we don’t focus on the family as God intended—that is the union between a man and a woman—, society risks not only becoming liquid, but also to lose meaning and significance. That’s not a judgment against anyone; everyone must be respected and pastoral ministry should be increasingly deepened in that sense. Yet, the Church has to say with truth what the family is».

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