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Pope Francis gives his support to the March for Life in Paris on Sunday, January 25th

They will march with the Pope's support. The March for Life in Paris Sunday on January 25th has received the support of Pope Francis, who sent a message to the organizers by the intermediary of the country's Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Ventura.
Referring to the speech he addressed to the members of the Association of Italian Catholic Doctors, received in audience on November 17th, the Pope recalled that "human life is always sacred, valid, and inviolable, and that as such it must be loved, cared for and protected." Then, Msgr. Ventura continued, "beyond a legitimate demonstration in favor of human life, the Holy Father encourages the participants of the March for life to work untiringly to build a civilization of love and a culture of life."
The March for Life, which will set out from Bastille Square at 1:30 pm, each year gives voice to citizens, explain promoters, who "want to express their opposition to the bioethical one-sidedness that began with the abortion law and recall that the principle of respect for human life the foundation of our civilization."
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