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Young People of Aleppo: A Caress of God   versione testuale
Despite the war that continues raging, some young Syrians recently decided to visit the elderly living in a home in Aleppo to give them hope and confidence

The young people spent a day with the elderly in the neighboring home, bringing them economic support but also and especially their warm and caring presence. This beautiful gesture of love was made in recent days by young Syrians from Aleppo, who—although suffering of the great hardship caused by the continuing war—did not lose an opportunity to do good, by being close to one of the most vulnerable groups of the population.
These young people tell about this special day on which two generations met to support one another. They note all the obstacles that had to be overcome to make the visit possible and the deep joy they felt when it became reality. "Everyone—they say in a letter—was very surprised by our visit; in fact, because of the bombing, it has been a long time since anyone has gone to see them. This part of the city is very dangerous. After greeting them, they opened their hearts to us, telling us their stories. We learned that, because of the war, many of their children have emigrated and the houses of many have been destroyed. We listened very attentively. Then, we helped some elderly people, who are unable to leave, to go down into the garden because, since there is no electricity, the rooms were hot. We sang and danced with them; we did everything we could to let them know that they are loved although they feel that they have been abandoned by everyone: their children, their relatives, and, in the view of some, even by God. The experience lived with us—conclude these young people from Aleppo with jubilation—, we think, has helped these people find hope in life and trust in the love of Jesus."
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