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Fr. Daniel Rono, Deputy General Secretary of the local Bishops’ Conference: "Ensure that no child is ever hurt"

"Christians, we are called to promote and protect the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. Life is a sacred and gift from God. Child abuse, in any form, destroys the core of the human life." This was said by Fr. Daniel Rono, Deputy General Secretary of the Episcopal Conference of Kenya, a few days ago at the closing session of an important workshop concerning the Child Safety and Protection Program.
"Sexual abuse of children and indeed of adults—he continued—damages the very essence of the dignity and sacredness of the human person." Often abuse leads children to develop a poor self-image, the inability to forge stable relationships, poor performance in school, drug use, depression and even suicide.
The Bishops’ Deputy Secretary calls to ensure that "as many children as possible are safe. Children can learn to distinguish between loving and harmful words and touch, and learn how to protect themselves from sexual abuse."
"Your task—he added, addressing the educators who participated in the workshop—is to ensure that children learn to protect themselves." Finally, he concluded: "we have received from God the responsibility to ensure that no child is ever hurt."
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