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Tanzania: A Call to Protect Minors   versione testuale
The Auxiliary Bishop, Msgr. Mdoe, urges parents to protect their children from violence and to introduce them to Evangelization Groups

"The parents must know that holistic upbringing of children, based on Christian values that uphold human dignity is very important." Bishop Titus Mdoe, Auxiliary Bishop of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, said this during a seminar organized by the Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood in Msimbazi Park.
The Auxiliary Bishop said that parenting not only means bringing up children into this world, but also giving them a good foundation for their future lives. He also noted that the fate of the Church and of the nation is the hands of the Parents who should provide a roadmap for their children to enable them to have a good future.
God asks that the children be led "in the right direction in accordance to God's call, and giving them a good upbringing is another way of glorifying Him," the Bishop continued while saying that he was shocked by the actions of some of parents who abuse their children. "I cannot understand that some parents can be so cruel and mistreat their children so badly in a way that is contrary to humanity, society and the teachings of the Church," he said, adding: "These should be stopped immediately at all cost."
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