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Childhood in Tanzania   versione testuale
Archbishop Dallu, Chairman of the local Pontifical Mission Societies: "Protection of children today will build the society of tomorrow"

"Every child should spend well his or her time and knowledge given by God for the prosperity of the Church, the country and the society and not otherwise." Msgr. Damian Dallu, Archbishop of Songea and Chairman of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Tanzania, said this during the annual Conference of the Holy Childhood, which was held in the Diocese of Masasi-Tunduru last June.
"Children are not only the society of tomorrow, but of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow," said Archbishop Dallu, adding: “for this reason, protection of children, provision of health care and education will build the society of tomorrow." "The Church—guaranteed Msgr. Nkwande Renatus, Bishop of Bunda—will never change its stance against same-sex relationships, abortion and all that is not pleasing God’s Plan."
Msgr. Tarcisio Ngalalekumtwa, President of the Episcopal Conference of Tanzania, urged the children to pray and to be ambassadors of Peace in the world.
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