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With only 20 Kilos   versione testuale

We are a missionary family of the Canção Nova (New Song) Community; our mission is to form young men and women for a new world. Our names are Fred and Edilma and we have three children: one, the smallest, is already in heaven, and the others are Maria de Fátima (4 years old) and Francesco Savio (1 year and six months).

Since we got married, we had been living in Sao Paulo, Brazil; all was quiet, the children went to school, and we lived in an apartment in a good location, close to the main points of the city.
Then, shortly after the beginning of 2014, the community sent us on mission to Rome. That came as a shock: we had gotten used to that city and the life we led there. It was just like when God said to Abraham in Genesis 12: "Leave your country, your kindred and your father's house, and go to that land that I will show you." Trusting in the Lord's command, we left everything and we went to live in a foreign country.
We had to face many challenges, as one might expect, arriving with nothing; but we quickly rebuilt everything: used furniture and some new, games, clothes, etc., with our hearts forever grateful to the Lord for His providence that makes sure that we have everything we need.
In Rome, we started our missionary work and the children immediately adjusted, but after nine months the leaders of the community decided to call us back to Brazil.
What a disappointment! And now what should we do to start a new life? Our biggest concern is for the children who, in such a short time, have to go through more changes. Yet, we are certain that God is our Father and will not abandon us.
When we saw the plane tickets that they sent us, we realized that we were allowed only three bags of 20 kilos. There had been a mistake, but in that mistake, we recognized that God was calling us to live radically his Gospel that says: Do not take gold or silver or copper for your belts; no sack for the journey, or a second tunic, or sandals, or walking stick. The laborer deserves his keep.
So we decided to take only the necessary things for the children, the minimum for us, and to give what does not fit in the bags to the poor; that’s what we did, and true peace and joy reign in us. It was an opportunity to offer the whole situation of suffering for persecuted Christian families in the Middle East.
It is worth surrendering to God; He cares for us and provides us with all that we need.
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