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The report of Joan Clements, director of World Organization Ovulation Method Billings International

Openness to life and contraception were the main themes in the exposé of Joan Clements, director of World Organization Ovulation Method Billings International, which was read at the International Conference of family and life movements, groups and associations by Caroline Terrenoir, president of the association in France.
"Contraception imposes an objectively contradictory language, which is no longer mutual self-giving" and "not only leads to the actual refusal of openness to life but also to the falsification of the intimate truth of conjugal love, which consists of the gift of the whole person." The image of marriage, which has its basis in Scripture, offers "a new and deeper understanding of the meaning of contraception," understood as an "intervention in the body or in the act marital intended to reject divine cooperation." The "explicit purpose of contraception is to render infertile the expression of love that could otherwise have been fruitful." It is "a rejection of God's plan," a "falsification of what the conjugal act means," and a "betrayal of the imago Dei."
As for the modern birth control methods, in the United States "they are associated with a lower frequency of induced abortions" and "a lower divorce rate in comparison to the general population." While birth rates are declining, "the transmission of life—she concluded—remains the foundation of the vocation and mission of the family."
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