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For a New Worldwide Network of Families   versione testuale
An international congress will be held to inaugurate the alliance among the most important family networks in Latin America and Europe. Its organization has discussed in the past days at the PCF

A major international congress that will bringing together family institutions from around the world is scheduled to celebrated in the coming months. The project was discussed in the headquarters of the Pontifical Council for the Family, on Monday, April 18th, at a preparatory meeting hosted by the Dicastery for the primary promoters of this initiative: the Latin American Network of University Family Institutes (REDIFAM), the European Family Institutes Network (REDIF), and some other family institutions of the Old Continent.
The project to organize a congress on the international level was already born in 2014. After being postponed because of certain obstacles, it received a decisive impulse at the meeting of REDIFAM that was held in Philadelphia last September, on the occasion of the VIII World Meeting of Families, where the network met with various European institutions and REDIF. There, the agreement was made to create a global network—a network of networks—, in view of establishing of a committee for the preparation of the much desired international congress, to be organized immediately after the presentation of the Apostolic Exhortation with which the Holy Father concluded the process of the Synods on the family.
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