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For the Integrity of Life   versione testuale
The Brazilian Bishops have published a note regarding the sanitary measures against the Zika virus

"We refuse abortion and all life-threatening initiatives, especially those that take advantage of fragile situations affecting families." The Bishops' Conference of Brazil (CNBB) wrote this in a note entitled "In Defense of the Integrity of Life." The document refers to the current legislation on the adoption of precautionary health measures to counter the Zika virus since pregnant women who are affected by the virus are likely to give birth to children suffering from microcephaly.
The Brazilian bishops call for "implementing the government's public policies to effectively deal with the Zika virus, for example, by efficient diagnostics and support in the public health system." In particular, it is hoped that the resource for children with microcephaly be extended throughout life instead of being limited to only three years, as the current legislation stipulates.
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